New restaurant opening at the famous Capital One Building BKC is Dishkiyaoon.

Dishkiyaoon ,BKC (25)

Vivek & Kabbir Luthria and Gaurav Dabrai , the owners of  Kino Cottage and Copa are joined by partner Saloni Rupani to present their signature style of casual and refreshing dining with  Dishkiyaoon.

Dishkiyaoon ,BKC (15)

Space is designed by Clement Desylva which very unconventional .Loved the entrance façade highlighted with artsy typography. The interiors is compilation of lot of vertical gardens, The level of greenery is spectacular without eating into any floor space, thanks to the clever use of framed succulents. A brightly lit spacious bar with swings and phone charging trolleys were some of the highlights, however some things were pretty random like the placement of a Bath Tub.


The menu at Dishkiyaoon is all about contemporary fare from across different cuisines presented in an adventurous style. Chef  Clyde Comello’s menu is  mix of classic heart warmers to regional specials made contemporary. One can indulge in nostalgic fare like Paneer 65 with lemon pillaf , Daliya Khichdi to dishes like Chole Empnadas , Dishkiyaoon chilli cheese toasty, Flatbreads include Aubergine scarmozza , Cheezzy wezzy to name a few .

At the preview I tried some cocktails; the bar menu has a lot of options includes handcrafted cocktails like the  Filter Coffee Martini, Gur & Sugarcane Mojito , Adult Coke float ,Bombay to Benaras , New Fashioned Old Fashioned  & Jäger Float. My favorite was 3M (Mix of fresh pineapple juice + orange juice + Malibu and rock salt) the second one which I liked was Benaras to Mumbai (Traditional Thandai topped with Rum)


For Food we tried the Vada Pav Salad this one had baby vadas tossed in with salad leaves topped with fresh pomegranate, croutons and sweet and spicy chutney.


For mains tried the Paneer 65 with Lemon pilaf, the paneer was coated in a very sweet and spicy sauce. The daliya khichdi served with stuffed mirchi salan was quite interesting though I found the gravy little on the sweeter but when had together it tasted well.

Open through the day, Dishkiyaoon lets you devour a hearty meal of Chef Clydes specials or swing by for drinks & dinner in the evening. They also have gluten free, vegan & good carb options!


Timings :

11am to 1 am

Address: G1, Capital Building, BKC, Mumbai – 51