About Me

Hi people

Am Shivani, 30 something from Mumbai, India.

An Interior Designer by profession (on a break right now )

Food and Fashion are things which I love the most..So after lot of apprehension and lots of encouragement from my friends (thanks to Nike and Kiran) have finally started writing.

I come from a family where everyone is a foodie. My mum, my grand mum and my sister- in- law all of them happen to be brilliant cooks. Also a special mention to the MEN in my family… my brother and my 19 year old nephew are excellent cooks too in fact my nephew (Divy his name is) make the most amazing authentic Chinese food that i have ever eaten, He is just the best and my brother am very close to him, he is a father figure to me guides me ,corrects me and his suggestions are invaluable to me …He makes some killer barbecue and mouthwatering soups and salads . SO that is how my love for food and cooking happened and has always been a part of who I truly am .

Up to a certain point in my life hadn’t really cooked or even made coffee for myself…YES! I was a very spoilt princess. But one day all changed and somehow I started experimenting with ingredients, fell in love with spices, the flavors… From a boring chore it became my happy space and used to find continuous inspiration whenever I was cooking or shared recipes or I travelled and tried different cuisines.

The sole purpose to start a blog was to  share my experiences, accidents, tips and shortcuts which often I use when am cooking.Since i am a vegetarian most of my posts will be around vegetarian or vegan food.

I shall at times also express my viewpoint on fashion. Well am no expert but, Hey !! I love talking about fashion.

My blog is dedicated to my mom …love her the most

Very new to this so need all the luck..:)

My contact details




6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Shivani, I didn’t know your are an Interior Designer too…super girl! 🙂 I wonder if you write posts on interiors or not? My blog is all about that…

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