Beers, Bhajiyas & Old Monk …

The evenings where heavy rain spatters on the outside while the oil for bhajiyas spatters in the kitchen have arrived – like DJs and turntables, cold weather and brandy, Instagram & filters go together, Bonobo has discovered a brand new twosome – beers & bhajiyas! And what good is a twosome without an element of surprise? Enter, the good old monk to lend some rum happiness to the newest festival in town – Beer & Bhajiya with a touch of Old Monk at Bonobo.

Broccoli & Cream Cheese Bhajiya at Bonobo

Broccoli & Cream Cheese Bhajiya

Your monsoon evenings are about to go from great to epic with flavoured bhajiyas paired with your all time favourite brews.  Walk in to find the classic Begun Bhaja doing the tango with the locally brewed White Zen and the old school favourite Kanda Bhaji sitting comfortably across from Budweiser. The Broccoli & Cream Cheese bhajiya makes a crackling combination with Hoegaarden while the Tempura Spinach bhajiya falls in line perfectly with the full-flavoured Asahi. To evoke just the right amount of nostalgia, pick from the Masala Maggi, Fried Chilli, or Cheese & Chutney Toast.


Bounty Brownie Bhajiya at Bonobo

Bounty Brownie Bhajiya

If your mind (or palate) can’t process bhajiyas without chai, find your way to our Old Monk infused Masala Chai. To take comfort food to the next level, pair them with Old Monk Nescafe or the Hot Monk Chocolate. Enjoy the rainy holidays with cocktails like the Old Monkjito and the Beachy Monk with Malibu.  From happy splashes in puddles to impromptu rainy drives and cozy blankets – here’s another monsoon experience that is going to be really hard to forget.

P.S. The “Sabudana Bhajiya” & “Jalapeno Bhajiya” were my personal favourites!

Jalapeno Popper at Bonobo

Jalapeno Popper Bhajiya

Sabudana Bhajiya at Bonobo

Sabudana Bhajiya


Where? Bonobo, 2nd Floor, Kenilworth Mall, Phase 2, Off Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai: 400 050