Forest Essentials


A couple of weeks back, I had been to the launch of the new Forest Essentials store at Bandra. The sprawling 1300 sq ft store is located at the start of the bustling Linking Road. I was welcomed to the store by their very courteous staff with a cup of warm organic jaggery tea which was yum.


The ambience of the store is stunning; the walls are adorned with Raja Ravi Verma inspired paintings, sparkling chandeliers highlight the intricate detail on the ceiling, along with the beveled mirrors, intricate jalis and sepia toned frames  instantly  transports you to a palace in Rajasthan.

Soon I was introduced to Dr Ipshita Chaterjee who is the Ayurveda Beauty Expert who took me through a personal consult about my skin care. She meticulously guided me through the all the  products and patiently answered all my queries


I have been using Forest Essential products for couple of years, I swear by them and have mentioned in my earlier post also, the brand is a pioneer in the luxury Ayurvedic segment and they put in a lot of pain- staking research behind each and every product and make them very  accessible to the modern consumers.

There were a couple products which I tried and here are my top 5 picks J


Soundarya Radiance Cream

This cream is amazing, one of the best sellers and superlight to wear daily. This one is a day wear cream and has a rich mix of potent herbs and gold, both these ingredients have very exceptional skin uplifting properties. Once this cream penetrates in your skin, it instantly starts the process of firming the muscles and the skin elasticity, smoothes fine lines and gives a porcelain finish.
It has SPF 25 which helps neutralize UVA and UVB radiation and protects skin from sun, environmental stress and pollution.


Madurai Jasmine Cologne

 This delicate and unmistakable fragrance of the most coveted fresh Madurai Jasmine flowers should be slated on top of everyone’s wish list. You can use this one every day, very magical and you can layer this cologne with any of your body oil or lotion or by itself.


Nargis Cleansing Shower Butter

This is Rich and Creamy Cleansing Butter made with super fatted Kokum and Shea butters, cold pressed oils and herbs, roots and flower infusions cleanse and stimulate circulation. When I tried this one at the store it just melted on my skin, giving a very creamy lather and intense nourishment. Smells luscious and wonderful this is a must have and tops my list.


Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi

This date and litchi formula is a very unique product by Forest Essentials. The cream is rich and very fragrant, I could literally eat this one sadly it isn’t edible. The litchi rejuvenates the skin, replenishes the moisture level while dates are rich in anti- oxidant content so they help in protecting the skin from the harmful effect of free radicals.

I was told that this 17th century formula is prepared according to Vedic Shastras in which Date &Litchi soaked in pure rose water and while it’s mixed mantras are chanted embedding positive energy in this product. This potent formula based on the theory of Panchmahabutas, works to please all the five senses while having powerful anti-ageing properties, leaving the skin firm, toned and more youthful.


The Bath and Shower Gel Gift Sets

The gel tones and detoxifies the skin with a satin smooth invigorating feel and uplifts the senses. These are perfect for gifting, can be customized and one can mix up and chose from the huge range according to ones needs. You can also mix bath oils here they come in small sizes and are wonderful.  The boxes are very pretty in soft powder blues, dusky teal, muted oranges and delicate pinks. These are embellished with intricate gold and silver accents which take their inspiration from vintage Benarasi sarees. These boxes with their precious contents wrapped in fragrant tissue lavishly tied with matching grosgrain ribbons leave you spoiled for any other experience.


I gifted one myself this Diwali actually and with Christmas around the corner you can definitely check this one out. So take some time off visit this beautiful store, try the amazing goodies available and pamper yourself. Am sure it will make you happy. 




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