Bao Wow Festival


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One of my favorite restaurant Fatty Bao is hosting Bao Wow Festival this month and I was invited for a preview to taste the new additions yesterday evening.

The Menu has a total of 13 different varieties of yummy bao’s, which are filled with different kinds of fillings. The menu includes the all-time favorites in addition to a whole new selection of inventive flavor combinations, especially created for the festival by Executive Chef Prashanth.

The Vegetarian Bao’s had a total of 5 varieties, and I tried everything. Besides the Crispy Eggplant and The Mushroom and Bell Pepper which are the regular on their menu, there are 3 new additions.

Loved the Crispy Tofu and Mock Meat, It had amazing flavor of black bean sauce, stuffed with cold lettuce+ pickled pear and topped with scallions. The Cheesy Kimchi Potato Bao, now one can hardly go wrong with this combination sprinkled with Korean chili powder this was good stuff.

The pricing per portion start from INR 260 (excluding taxes)

The Bao Wow Festival is on from 1st February 2016 – 14th February 2016 at The Fatty Bao Mumbai and Delhi.

So make the reservation now.

The Fatty Bao Mumbai: Summerville, Junction of 14th & 33rd, Linking Road Bandra West, Mumbai- 400050. For Reservations call : 022-26005220

Opening Hours: All Days of the Week: 12:00 noon to 3:30pm and 7:00pm to 1:00 am

Photo Courtesy : Kunal Chandra


My Yellow Table


NDTV Good Times recently launched the second season of My Yellow Table at Yellow Bar Mumbai.

kunal kapur

After the success of the first season My Yellow Table is back on NDTV Good Times channel  yet again hosted by celebrity chef Kunal Kapur. “The thought behind My Yellow Table Season II will definitely remain the same that is to bring out the Chef in everyone. The focus is to create Indian food with a twist in ingredients with a hope to convince viewers that cooking is not rocket science and everything that tastes good doesn’t have to be complex.”  The chef also promises the show to be fun for the viewers and will share his recipes and tips along with a surprise element the “Mischief Box”.

The show will feature Indian cuisine with a Kunal touch – meaning a lot of flamboyance and experimentation!

This one is to watch out for Tune into Season II of My Yellow Table – By Invitation starting 9th January, Saturday and Sunday, 9 pm only on NDTV Good Times.


This is a listing, unfortunately couldn’t make it for the launch as was down with a viral.

Forest Essentials


A couple of weeks back, I had been to the launch of the new Forest Essentials store at Bandra. The sprawling 1300 sq ft store is located at the start of the bustling Linking Road. I was welcomed to the store by their very courteous staff with a cup of warm organic jaggery tea which was yum.


The ambience of the store is stunning; the walls are adorned with Raja Ravi Verma inspired paintings, sparkling chandeliers highlight the intricate detail on the ceiling, along with the beveled mirrors, intricate jalis and sepia toned frames  instantly  transports you to a palace in Rajasthan.

Soon I was introduced to Dr Ipshita Chaterjee who is the Ayurveda Beauty Expert who took me through a personal consult about my skin care. She meticulously guided me through the all the  products and patiently answered all my queries


I have been using Forest Essential products for couple of years, I swear by them and have mentioned in my earlier post also, the brand is a pioneer in the luxury Ayurvedic segment and they put in a lot of pain- staking research behind each and every product and make them very  accessible to the modern consumers.

There were a couple products which I tried and here are my top 5 picks J


Soundarya Radiance Cream

This cream is amazing, one of the best sellers and superlight to wear daily. This one is a day wear cream and has a rich mix of potent herbs and gold, both these ingredients have very exceptional skin uplifting properties. Once this cream penetrates in your skin, it instantly starts the process of firming the muscles and the skin elasticity, smoothes fine lines and gives a porcelain finish.
It has SPF 25 which helps neutralize UVA and UVB radiation and protects skin from sun, environmental stress and pollution.


Madurai Jasmine Cologne

 This delicate and unmistakable fragrance of the most coveted fresh Madurai Jasmine flowers should be slated on top of everyone’s wish list. You can use this one every day, very magical and you can layer this cologne with any of your body oil or lotion or by itself.


Nargis Cleansing Shower Butter

This is Rich and Creamy Cleansing Butter made with super fatted Kokum and Shea butters, cold pressed oils and herbs, roots and flower infusions cleanse and stimulate circulation. When I tried this one at the store it just melted on my skin, giving a very creamy lather and intense nourishment. Smells luscious and wonderful this is a must have and tops my list.


Eternal Youth Formula Date & Litchi

This date and litchi formula is a very unique product by Forest Essentials. The cream is rich and very fragrant, I could literally eat this one sadly it isn’t edible. The litchi rejuvenates the skin, replenishes the moisture level while dates are rich in anti- oxidant content so they help in protecting the skin from the harmful effect of free radicals.

I was told that this 17th century formula is prepared according to Vedic Shastras in which Date &Litchi soaked in pure rose water and while it’s mixed mantras are chanted embedding positive energy in this product. This potent formula based on the theory of Panchmahabutas, works to please all the five senses while having powerful anti-ageing properties, leaving the skin firm, toned and more youthful.


The Bath and Shower Gel Gift Sets

The gel tones and detoxifies the skin with a satin smooth invigorating feel and uplifts the senses. These are perfect for gifting, can be customized and one can mix up and chose from the huge range according to ones needs. You can also mix bath oils here they come in small sizes and are wonderful.  The boxes are very pretty in soft powder blues, dusky teal, muted oranges and delicate pinks. These are embellished with intricate gold and silver accents which take their inspiration from vintage Benarasi sarees. These boxes with their precious contents wrapped in fragrant tissue lavishly tied with matching grosgrain ribbons leave you spoiled for any other experience.


I gifted one myself this Diwali actually and with Christmas around the corner you can definitely check this one out. So take some time off visit this beautiful store, try the amazing goodies available and pamper yourself. Am sure it will make you happy. 




BeBajrang bracelets  (1)

When I have to gift accessories for men, shopping is stressful, either I found things which were gaudy or the finish wasn’t up to the mark with no value for money.

BeBajrang the newly launched accessories brand provides the perfect solution for all the little fancy needs for men who aren’t afraid to flaunt. Brain child of a young and talented ex-investment banker Mr. Arnav Jain. The jewelry is inspired by the current generation of the 21st century debonair man.

The accessories are sharp in design and very stylish. It has a unisex appeal. The collection currently focuses on bracelets, but they are soon going to introduce necklaces and pendants.

BeBajrang bracelets  (2)

The jewelry is handcrafted, created out of exotic leather, semi-precious stones and 14 k gold plating. The bracelets can be customized according to one’s size. The materials used are sourced from India and all around the world. Rural and Urban artists work cohesively and create these products with utmost care and precision. The products are manufactured in a quality controlled environment based out of a factory in Andheri, Mumbai.

The bracelets are easy to wear every day; you can pick one or two neutral pieces or can stack up with your watch and make a style statement. For men also they could be paired up with a watch or worn on its own.


When I shared this site details with my friend Karishma who loves to wear bracelets she immediately ordered a couple of pieces and she wears them regularly. We loved the finish and the material used it’s quite good and reasonably priced.

The accessories are versatile and could be worn for a party, work and everyday J

Visit their website
follow them on Instagram @bebajrang, products are priced between Rs 1,300 and Rs 9,000.

The Benefit Sale


When I travel to New York a must do on my list is shopping at Thrift Store where one can get their hands amazing treasures. If lucky you can also find brand new designer pieces at a rock bottom price. I love collecting vintage pieces accessories or bags in particular and when back home I used to always wish we had Thrift Stores in Mumbai.

Creative Co has put together a similar pop-up starting today of ‘pre-loved luxury items’ called ‘THE BENEFIT’. They have around 150 products in hand, some of which are legitimate vintage, whilst others are old styles that used to trend years ago, and others are relatively new designer bags and shoes, all of which have been competitively priced!

Since this is the pilot edition, the items are super affordable and please note they are accepting cash only. You can pick up something for as low as INR 2,000 and the highest price item is ONLY INR 30,000.

This one is not to be missed :)

Details Of The Sale

The sale will be held for 5 days, over the week of August 24th – 28th

Timing: 11 AM – 8 PM

The address is: 104/A Neelam Center, Hind Cycle Road, Worli, behind the Glaxo Smith Kline Building, Mumbai 

Payment: Cash Only


My love for jewelry describes me as a hoarder and while during one of my shopping trips I stumbled upon Micare, making it one of my favorite jewelry brand, The designs and quality are fantastic and have always scored compliments when I wore them.

Micare launched in 2013 at the Style Cracker Exhibition, brain child of Anushri Agarwal. After her graduation in Fashion she worked with L’Officel Magazine and soon after completing her internship, she forayed into designing jewelry and thus Micare happened. Her design gained a lot of attention from Fashion Editors and Celebrity Stylist and the jewelry has been worn by a lot of celebrities. Since then it was no looking back.


Their new collection ‘Juxtaposition’
launched on August 3rd.  It’s their biggest collection so far compared to ‘Bohemia’  which was a capsule collection of casual jewelry launched this summer.

‘Juxtaposition’ means two things placed close together with a contrasting effect. The collection has both soft and strong elements. The pieces are fierce and very wearable. Bright Swarovski Elements add the perfect amount of bling and color to the gold jewelry. Most of the pieces are transitional and you could easily wear them during the day or night and for any occasion.

A lot of thought and hard work has gone while designing ‘Juxtapostion’ says Dimple Shah (Associate at Micare). They have worked closely on every detail with local artisans while designing this 75 piece collection. ‘Juxtaposition’ is a collection that expresses the duality in personalities of modern women, our fierce attitude as we face the world juxtaposed with our ability to nurture our lives.

The collection strives to evoke interest by means of developing a comparison between these two sides of a woman. The comparison hence made to bring to the surface the contrast between the two natures. Consequently, the harshness of the industrial spare parts is highlighted by the soft floral motifs, creating a balance. It celebrates the romance of duality wherein the two elements are placed side by side in a narrative for the purpose of developing a collection which is a seamless amalgamation of the two.


Their jewelry is an ideal option for gifting or splurging when you wish to pamper yourself. The polish and the make are of very high quality with sharp and elegant designs. From the collection I liked the mix of earrings, bold rings, statement neck pieces and hand harnesses, as I write this some of the pieces are already sold out :)


Prices for these statement pieces start from 3500/- INR Onwards. So get shopping now.

Micare Details :-

Website –
Follow on Instagram – @micarejewels

Comfort Zone


I love being at home, catching up on my weekly dose of sitcoms or watching movies and binging on comfort food. One of them is Mac and Cheese and I just love it, everybody loves it actually, one bite of it in my mouth and I melt into a puddle.

Making it is very simple just a milk based sauce with lots of cheese and tonnes of pasta. Since a couple of months I am trying to watch what I eat and am trying to make things healthier. Now here is my way of making this sinful dish which is less on calories. Over the years I have tried different versions of Mac+Cheese. But this one is top favorite, its creamy and adding cream cheese enhances the taste though have used it just a wee bit quantity of cream cheese. The combination of cheese could be of one’s choice, anything would work.
By using more milk I have made this sauce thick and creamy. You can also add mustard and spice it up but I love the touch of nutmeg in my recipe also a lot of freshly crushed pepper.


I have incorporated broccoli and cauliflower so this way I end up using less macaroni and more veggies and sneaked in some more milk into their diet as kids usually shy away from drinking milk by itself. Am sure kids would love this one. Here the dietary needs of a meal are balanced out for them. My nephew he skips milk so we make this one for him often, with his high metabolism he can afford to eat this one and burn off calories at his football practice.


In this recipe I have used Mother Dairy toned milk which I tried for the first time, the packaging was quite attractive. And I did notice the slashed price while paying up the bill which was a surprise. Yes its two rupees lesser than what it usually was. It sure seems #TooGoodInTwoLess!  Mother Dairy Milk is quite popular in India which has been into existence since 1974 and most trusted when it comes to quality.


As a side with this dish I would have it with a salad or a tall glass of coke with lots of ice. Enjoy.

Guilt Free Skinny Macaroni

1 cup elbow pasta
1 cup chopped and parboiled
¼ cup chopped and par boiled broccoli
1 tbsp. cream cheese
1 cup cheddar cheese grated
2 ½ cups of Luke warm milk (I used to toned Mother Dairy milk)
¼ cup all-purpose flour
2 tbsp. butter
¼ tsp nutmeg powder
1/2 cup Bread Crumbs
Salt and pepper to taste
¼ tsp. cayenne pepper

Pre heat the oven to 350
In a large pot boil water with lots of salt and once the water starts bubbling add the pasta and cook it according to the instructions on pasta packet.

In a sauce pan melt 2 tbsp. butter and once it melts add the all-purpose flour and cook it for 2 minutes add the milk slowly and stir continuously while adding the milk.

Add ½ cup of water and the cheese with salt, pepper, nutmeg and cayenne pepper and let it thickens.

Once the sauce is thick turn of the heat and add fresh parsley
Add the cooked pasta and the veggies and mix until all is coated and transfer it to a baking tray

Top it with more grated cheese and bread crumbs and cook it in the oven for about 15 minutes or until the bread is golden brown and cheese is melted.
Garnish with parsley and serve hot.

Note: Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart’s Recipe with a little changes